• Disassembly and assembly…
    ...of your furniture done by our team or you'd rather do it by your self?
  • Packing and protective material
    Three weeks before moving it is the right time to provide packing and protective material into the house. Please order enough, TSR will take back the excess material on moving day. Our boxes are very strong and can be used multiple times. Tip; stick well above, that reinforces the cardboard boxes and protects better the content.
  • Moving Advice
    We organize and design an individually tailored relocation to fit your needs. To use TSR range of services you can contact our customer service where you will always find a personal point of contact. That holds the information way short and increases transparency.
  • Transport and Removals
    Of private and business property in all dimensions, from small and large apartments to shops. From single service to full service. We are here for you - cost effectively as possible.
  • Cleaning
    As soon as you receive the keys to your new apartment or your new house, you would probably liked to put the boxes away and begin to enjoy your new home. Unfortunately, there are still the old premises that should be cleaned and given back and the administration will still have something to suspend, so that one has to clean again. We also undertake the cleaning of your old house from cellar to attic.
  • Removal and disposal
    We dispose of environmentally and economically. The biggest saving potential lies in the separation of different materials.